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Soil Stabilization Matting

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TransKomplekt LLC offers partners cooperation in the supply of equipment for strengthening the ground, which is operated by rescue services in many countries, including as airport rescue equipment.

These mats are a temporary solution to allow the wheel equipment to move on an unprepared unstable (soft) surface or over rough terrain, thus rolling back the aircraft on the runway with the least risk of damage to the landing gear or aircraft.

A special cast profile provides the flexibility of the mat, as well as, due to the shape of the profile, it is possible to carry out a "seamless" stable joining of sheets (2x4 meters) during the evacuation of the aircraft, convenient transportation and storage of mats in disassembled form.



  • Lightweight, reusable, easy to use, portable, instantly ready to use.
  • Tested at t -55⁰C to + 80⁰C.
  • Maximum load: 225 tons / m2.
  • High resistance to chemical, oil and other aggressive environments.
  • Sheets can be stacked “butt to butt” or overlap.
  • Adhesion to the ground or other surface using additional connectors.
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